The Secret Garden Project Lewisham
UP Projects
Identity, Map
(Design, Illustration, Artworking)
B5 programs (edition of 500)
The Secret Garden Project Lewisham is a public arts programme from UP Projects, taking place in green spaces across London. An updated identity appeals to a younger audience, while maintaining a universal appeal. The identity equally needed to sit well with an arts engaged audience, but not turn away the general public – while being readable across different sites and materials. A map was created to navigate between the four locations of the program. Taking inspiration from the garden design of Roberto Burle Marx, organic leaf shapes give character to a readable layout and characteristic map design. Easy to read infographics, a sans serif font and a bright green give a contemporary appearance to this nature-based arts programme. The identity was adapted across exercise materials as well. 
Event Images: Hydar Dewachi. Printed with Calverts Printers in London, UK.