Keep It Brief
Branding, Packaging, Menu Design
(Design, Type, Art Direction)
Sofia is going to lay down the T for her grandpa Giovanni. His pizza’s are delicious, they’re divine, positively the best. She grew on those pizzas. But the people want natty wine, they’re in dire straits for vegan selections, they crave a side dish of renaissance to his families welcoming vibes. The quintessential British pizza takeaway styling is out – it wasn’t Giovanni and it was never fetch – and a slick 80s Milano stepping into the twenty twenties is here. Sofia’s going to bring in seating, she’s building a wall of Giovanni’s superb wine collection from the basement – available to have in and takeaway too. A distinction between the takeaway and restaurant stems from two distinct, but complimentary colour schemes. Pistachio and tomato for takeaway, a softer tone of the red for the restaurant. Sofia is piling on the Italian styling for the family business that’s been running since 1982. The design still screams family business – providing your idea of a pizza tossing unit are distant relatives of the Missioni clan.
Giovanni's is a fictitious pizza restaurant branding for Keep It Brief 's first week brief and the side story above is to fulfil Design Drag Race fantasies.