Feminist Flash Tattoo Parlour​​​​​​​
Woman with a Movie Camera Summit 
Collaboration with This Must Be For You
Illustration, Tattoo
2018 – 2019
My contribution to the Feminist Flash Tattoo Parlour. The feminist tattoo parlour is a selection of temporary ink from curated flash cards, with 12 new designs from various designers and illustrators to celebrate female power. In 2019, the illustration was tattooed on designer Rhiannon King. The design is a Triskalion made up of three legs. The Triskalion’s original meaning is of victory and progress. Around the Triskalion sit so-called hobo marks; symbols left in spots by the homeless to give warnings, support and information to others passing through. Their meaning relates to an interpretation of how we achieve equality – victory and progress – in the feminist movement. The two circles comprising the top left symbol mean ‘don’t give up.’ The triangle pendant at the centre bottom means ‘prepare to defend yourself.’ Lastly, the cross, triangle and two eyes mean ‘this is a safe space.