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New World

A set of digital stickers designed for iMessage following Ohne Lisle’s It’s Nice That Creative Guide to illustrate a sticker set for your future self.

Personal work from It’s Nice That and Apple’s New World guide series.


Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration

Design & Research: Emma Hursey

A lot of the designs came from my various sketchbooks. Each morning I sketch over breakfast. There was a bank of new directions and concepts for me to pull on, which felt particularly fitting for the future self sticker set. I focussed on four elements of myself that are prevalent or that I’d like to work on – my grief, setting boundaries, being fabulous and being comfortable where I am.

You can often tell I’m a designer first and foremost when you look at my illustrations, they’re so often front on, 2D, graphic shapes. I used the future self brief to break out into 3D, with heaps of textures, variety and a big mix of perspectives.

Each sticker carries it’s own relevance too – for instance, the crying eyes came to me when listening to Suspicious Minds by Elvis (an old favourite of mine). The rose is growing out of a vase created from my usual go-to daisy shape to represent the evolution as I gradually add more depth and perspective to my illustrations.

Monday April 19 2021

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Print Design, Art Direction & Copywriting

Type Design, Poster, Tshirt 
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New World Sticker Pack ︎︎︎
Digital Illustration & Animation

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Concept, Design & Art Direction

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Record cover design & custom type

Giovanni’s Branding, Art Direction, Custom Type, Packaging & Menu Design
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Creative Direction, Research, Writing, Zine Design, Exhibition

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Website & Curation
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