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Emma Hursey is a designer focussing on brands & packaging. She weaves illustration, creative direction & custom type into bold, strategic work.

Perennial Institute’s Cultivation Cards ︎︎︎ Design, Art Direction, Illustration & Packaging

Little Parliament Cafe ︎︎︎
Print Design, Art Direction & Copywriting

Type Design, Poster, Tshirt 
More Soon...

New World Sticker Pack ︎︎︎
Digital Illustration & Animation

Fast Forward Film Series with Little Sun
Campaign Identity & Animation
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Flowers Publication ︎︎︎ Book Design, Writing, Photography & Production

Little Sun at the Tate Modern ︎︎︎

Concept, Design & Art Direction

what does it mean to me? ︎︎︎
Record cover design & custom type

Giovanni’s Branding, Art Direction, Custom Type, Packaging & Menu Design
More Soon...

Letterform Experiments
Custom Type 
More Soon...

Kindred People ︎︎︎ Creative Direction, Branding, Packaging, Web Design, Animation, Illustration & Type Design

Contrary to What is Agreeable ︎︎︎
Creative Direction, Research, Writing, Zine Design, Exhibition

Good Book Catalogue
Website & Curation
More Soon...

36 Days of Type 2021 ︎︎︎

Queer House Party X Print Social
Illustration, T-shirt Design
More Soon...


Emma Hursey is a designer working with illustration, creative direction & custom type for brands & creators. Her work is comprised of fun & lively visuals, weaved into cohesive strategies. Emma is based in Rainbow Beach, Australia where she collaborates with clients locally and around the world. Outside of design her interests include learning to drum, photography, & swimming in the ocean once a day.

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Monday April 19 2021