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My focus is ever on community and I love connecting with people, brands, thinkers and designers from all over.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with projects, commissions, collaborations, press enquiries and any questions you might have by email – hello@emmahursey.com

If emailing with a new project, it’s super helpful if you include your initial idea, your initial budget and a sentence or two about why you’d like to work with me. It’s always good to know which piece of my work resonated with you too. If you’re just starting, no problem. I’m happy to chat you through the initial stages.

My process for each project is designed to be strategic & collaborative. Your voice is heard and interpreted into the work I do. My expertise tailored to your wants and needs for a new or established brand, product, event or idea – however big or small the project is.

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Monday April 19 2021