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36 Days of Type

In the past years I’ve worked ever more on learning and improving my type design skills. For 2021, I decided to take part in 36 Days of Type – a social media challenge to create a new piece of type each day. Many of these designs are experimental and decorative, while I also played with new colour palettes and pattern making with each design.

Personal work for 36 Days of Type challenge


Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration

Design & Research: Emma Hursey

Monday April 19 2021

Perennial Institute’s Cultivation Cards ︎︎︎ Design, Art Direction, Illustration & Packaging

Little Parliament Cafe ︎︎︎
Print Design, Art Direction & Copywriting

Corsica ︎︎︎
Type Design, Poster, T-shirt

New World Sticker Pack ︎︎︎
Digital Illustration & Animation

Flowers Publication ︎︎︎ Book Design, Writing, Photography & Production

Little Sun at the Tate Modern ︎︎︎
Concept, Design & Art Direction

what does it mean to me? ︎︎︎
Record cover design & custom type

Giovanni’s ︎︎︎ Branding, Art Direction, Custom Type, Packaging & Menu Design

Kindred People ︎︎︎ Creative Direction, Branding, Packaging, Web Design, Animation, Illustration & Type Design

Contrary to What is Agreeable ︎︎︎
Creative Direction, Research, Writing, Zine Design, Exhibition

littlesun.org ︎︎︎
Website & Icon Design

36 Days of Type 2021 ︎︎︎